Sunday, July 6, 2008

I've Been Gone A While...

I have been avoiding a major issue, which has been taking someone to court for $2100. I just finished printing out all the documents related to the case so I can file this week. Out of my avoidance of that, I've been avoiding my blog.

Things have also been busy over here with me out of town for a week on a missions trip and our garden in full force. I've been having a salad almost every day since Memorial Day weekend, plenty of green beans & peas, large Kohlrabi, spinach, radishes and onions. Right now we're in green beans, onions, wrapping up peas, lettuce, cucumbers almost ready and tomatoes in a week. We also made a gallon of Mulberry jam.

In addition we had some problems with our city complaining about all the firewood we had in our yard. We rented a splitter for 2 days and stacked it. We now have it all covered in tarps and in nice piles, which has satisfied them.

I had a few slip-ups with one bank account we haven't been using much, which I closed yesterday so it wouldn't happen again. Most of the fees I was able to get reversed.

We haven't yet fully taken care of the Capital One due to the issues of the $2100, but we finished up our Menards (and a small $300 one) this weekend. Here's where we're standing on getting things resolved:

8/1: Capital One ($2800)
9/1: 1/2 of our misc debts (medical mainly)
10/1: Fireplace installed for the winter. We're looking at a high-efficiency model to replace most of our heating needs this winter (5 trees worth of wood split)
11/1: Second 1/2 of our misc debts

If we get the settlement soon, then everything will get moved up a month. I'm also looking at a raise in September (just had one a month ago, but with the cost of health insurance, it ended up breaking a bit below what I had before). I'm pushing at expanding the marketing material at work to focus on specific industries, developing standard tools to automate the development of solutions, and improving my sales skills to better help close the larger projects.