Thursday, May 8, 2008

I Quit (High-Pay Night Job)

The past month my weekends have been rough helping a startup with a web application for their first client. The project is such a mess that only this past weekend I found out that 4 other developers quit working on it in the past month, leaving just me and the manager. Basic items such as being able to identify who the currently logged in user is are broken. Other problems included the manager breaking items I had worked on every week.

All of this means I'm back to working 1 job, though my garden can be a job at times (fighting flea beetles). I did take the first certification test for MCTS and passed this past Saturday. The next test will be harder and I have already started studying for that as well.

The pay was great for the job, but I've learned well through this that sometimes all the money in the world don't make a job worthwhile to do.


Tim said...

Good for you on the quitting that job move. Sometimes it's best just to jump off the sailing ship before it goes completely under, regardless of the pay.

By the way, I'm originally from Joliet, IL too! Good to meet another blogger out there.


Dedicated said...

I'm thinking this was the best choice. I'm in envy of you. I would have stuck it out and suffered.

I want to be like you when I grow up!

Jim ~ said...

If you could have finished the project, I would have asked for more money. When projects have a lot of people working on them, things can get messed up easily. Sounds to me like it is a session based web app and clients are supposed to break things which I call testing. Where I work my team has decreased from 8 to 3 people, and they don't need to backfill anything because they pay me more to stick around, for now. MCTS certification, which area? I personally have not seen a purpose for extra certification, code is code. Hope it all works out since you quit this other thing.