Monday, November 3, 2008


Our journey to get out of debt is leaning us more and more towards homesteading. Our weekend activities now include:

- Gathering & cutting wood for next year's winter. It takes a year for the wood to dry out, so now is the time to be looking for it. A house nearby had 2 trees taken down, so we were removing some of the wood yesterday. In addition, we're keeping an eye out for any wood elsewhere.

- Baking bread. My wife has not wanted to make bread due to the kneading doing a number on her muscles, so I decided this weekend to take care of it for her and will continue to do so. Now is the time to stock up on your yeast as well ($.79/3 pack at our Aldi's).

- Gardening. The weather was very nice this past weekend, so we dug up flower bulbs that needed to come in, chatted with a fellow gardener down the street and received some wild onions from her that will survive the winter, planted the onions, and picked some broccoli leaves for dinner last night. Next weekend I'm hoping to get my father out by us to help me with getting manure to put down in the garden.

I was a vegetarian for 3 years and even I am looking at hunting, fishing, raising & slaughtering animals. I'm going to call Joliet city hall this week and see what are the legal requirements for chickens (In Chicago you can have unlimited chickens as long as your raising them as pets or for eggs).


Miss M said...

I think my 92 year old grandma would get a hoot out of someone "homesteading" in this day and age. She grew up on a homestead in Oregon, most of the 160 acres is still in the family though she sold her share years ago. Also, if you want bake bread regularly get your yeast at costco or sam's club, for $3 you'll get a million little packets worth.

Sick of Debt said...

The yeast is not a deal if you count the cost of a membership as well. I checked my local Sam's Club and it's 4.16 for 32 oz. The problem though is using it before it goes bad.

I'll see if someone I know can go and find out the expiration date before purchasing me one.