Saturday, February 14, 2009

February Budget & January Net Worth +$1,159

I know it's a bit late in the month to put up, but I've not been in the best of moods.

February Budget:

1073 Mortgage
200 Car Gas
200 Food
234 Natural Gas
51 House Phone
265 Electric
50 Water
37 Cable
9 Netflix
10 Garden Supplies
100 Mrs. going on women's retreat in March
55 Cell Phone
20 Oil Change
95 Life Insurance
40 Daughter's Health Insurance
20 Dr. Co-pays for pregnancy
1585 Last Capital One Payment
275 Home Equity Line Credit
203 Mrs. Student Loans
69 Mr. Student Loans

It's another very tight budget, March should be a lot better. Part of the problem is that I committed to making the large payments to Capital One, which blocked off a large portion of our income. The other part is that we are down to 1 paying roommate at this time. God has blessed us with some help from my father in the form of money to buy a dryer this month and money so we can help him file for bankruptcy.

The cable bill is new this month, it will be going down to $12 next month. We also brought Netflix down to the 1 at a time plan and I'm considering letting that go in a couple of months. The problem we've had is the new releases end up having a long wait time and with cable available, there is less of a need for Netflix. My wife has been planning a women's retreat at our church the past couple of months and it is coming up next month, so we're taking care of the payment for it this month. Next month will be our last monthly cell phone bill!

January Net Worth:

We made a large payment on our Capital One CC bill and a small payment on the home equity line of credit. 1 of the roommates has been paying us back, which has helped in that area. We also have been building up our daughter's education fund which included some Christmas gifts. We plan on adding more once we are out of debt, as well as my dad has offered to start putting some away for her.


Dedicated said...

Do you guys watch 9 netflix movies a month? If not, why don't you cancel your subscription and then rent movies at Redbox for $1 - plus, if you search online you can get them FREE with coupon codes.

Have you closed up the areas in your house where no one is renting? I would shut all the vents and put blankets over the window coverings for extra insulation, unplug all things in outlets and close the doors tight.

I see you pay $55 for cellphone and $51 for house phone. What about losing both and getting a family plan at Verizon for $70 bucks a month on 2 cellphones. Calls are free to all Verizon customers and each other and this would be $30 a month towards debt elimination or emergency fund.

Otherwise I think your as low as can be now. Your Electric bill seems high though, ours was like $150 last month and we have 5 computers and a house full of people using all day long. My office is in my house - fax and other items are always on. I think I would check into this.

Also, if cellphones are out - you may be able to get tripple play (cable,phone & internet) with comcast and save some money over your current too.

Pretty soon it will warm up and you will be in a better position then today. Hold on - no more depression, that baby girl needs her papa happy.

Betsey C. said...

I's so good to see a post from you! I'm sorry you have been feeling low. It could be weather-related, possibly? I think I might suffer from SAD, not enough natural sunlight. I am thinking of setting up a light-therapy fixture next to my computer next winter. If you let the light shine in your eyes for 30 minutes when you get up in the morning, it is supposed to help regulate your moods.

Your utilities do seem a bit high, but I know that you have a large house.

It's almost time to start seeds! I start mine in the basement, under grow lights. I will begin about the 3rd week in March. I get so darned excited in late winter, looking forward to my glorious garden! I bet you are excited to get going, too.

Sick of Debt said...

Regarding our Netflix, we do a fair amount of their streaming (though that has been going down since we have had cable). I suspect we'll keep it for another month and then cancel.

Regarding closing up the areas in our house where no one is renting, we have not done that due to not wanting to show the rooms with them being cold.

Regarding our cell phone, we're canceling that this week. Will write up about it once we've done it.

Our electric bill is a bit high because we have roommate(s) that leave lights & electric blankets on, we're working on getting them to stop. I'm heavily considering getting the KillAWatt device to do some investigation at home and work.