Saturday, May 9, 2009

Long Time Away

My life as usual has been pretty crazy (I type this as my wife cleans up a broken window). Here is what has occurred:

- My wife and I went on a short vacation to Colorado to visit her family in March and took a train there. It was beautiful, relaxing, and no pat-downs from airport security.

- One of our roommates took both of our cars while we were on vacation, used one in a hit & run, the other got a flat tire. Both were impounded by the police. I flew back the day after I found out and took care of getting the cars back & the locks changed ($1K of expenses)

- There has been a decrease of things to do at work, my active project pile is at 1 day's worth of work (meaning if no one finishes their part for me on Monday, I'll be having to go around looking for work on Tuesday). There is about 6 months worth of stuff in the pipeline, but the problem is that it relies on others to get their job done.

- Our garden has been half planted, we have been getting asparagus and lettuce so far. We'll be getting radishes & brocolli raab soon. Our strawberry patch is doing great. We're waiting for the soil to dry out enough for us to rototill the back yard.

- We have attempted to sell rain barrels, but it is going slow. We may have our first customer today. I have been discouraged a bit due to some leaking.

- My wife picked up a bunch of vacuum cleaners for free. She is going to clean them up and sell them on Craigslist.

- We have started getting involved with neighborhood watch starting up in our neighborhood. It has been good to meet some of our neighbors and feel like we're going to start improving the neighborhood (one of the reasons we moved to where we are).

- Our front bay window had a large rock thrown at it last night. The police have their suspicions of the kids causing the problems, but they're building their case. We had purchased a high-end window for The Home Depot At-Home Services the last time this happened 3 & 1/2 years ago and so they should cover the replacement for free.

- We'll be paying off our home equity line of credit next month, we're going to do half this month and half next month.

More detail to come in the future.


Betsey C. said...

I'm so sorry for the trials and tribulations you guys have been suffering! I also hope they catch whoever tossed the rock through your window -- that's awful.

I hope your luck will soon turn, you deserve a run of great luck now.

Happy Mother's Day to your wife, I hope she is well.

Dedicated said...

I hope that roommate is making restitution for the damage and antics. Terrible... just terrible. This could be a made for t.v. movie. I can not believe it is happening so close to my home.

Prayers for some peace coming your way.