Tuesday, March 18, 2008

Home Depot wants me back...

And they're itching for my current e-mail address. They sent the account to collections and we are about 2/3 of the way paying them off (next month is the last 1/3). I received in the mail over the weekend a short letter from them saying that they want to e-mail me, but the address they have on file is not valid. No description of what was in the e-mail, just asking me to spend my time logging into their site so I can update it and they can probably start sending me junk.

Just what I want!

At the end of next month, I'll be calling them up to make sure they cancel my account. Seems like even if you stop paying them, they will want you back once your current.


Jim said...

Are you not paying your Home Depot card? I guess I'm confused at the process you're going through to become debt free. It seems like you just stopped paying everyone and have just done settlements on them when they act up. As much as I would love to be debt free, I'm not going to let them not be current just to settle the debt. Student loans are something you have to pay off in full. The early retirement plan to me doesn't make a lot of sense, but working for yourself is a great thing.

Sick of Debt said...

The process I'm going through is as follows:

- Rough period of 6 months with minimal income, no power for 2 weeks in the summer, no water for 2 weeks in the winter. Just barely keeping our mortgage current, not our choice.

- All of our accounts went to collections in that time. Nothing we could do really to prevent them from doing so.

- Settling on them one by one when we have the money.

Regarding student loans, we had those deferred while we couldn't pay and are paying them back now. I know they cannot be settled on.

Regarding early retirement, all I can point you to is my reason why here.

Danielle said...

hi, i'm not sure if you remember me. i sent you and your wife a gamecube game awhile ago.

i haven't been on your blog in awhile and i had a question so i thought i would visit your site.

alot has happened with me since i last checked in on you. my husband got orders to washington and with in a month of getting them we bought a house. we are all settled (except my hubby who is still in sunny cali til april), and i found out i are pregnant (which can be pretty tough to deal with after 7 years of trying and finally deciding to stop).

we have had a lot of money coming in with tax returns and travel money from the military so we have payed off 2 small bills. which leads me to my question. i want to pay off a $1792 bill which has over a 30% interest rate, if i called them and said i was willing to pay it off in cash would they be willing to give me a lower amount? the bill is not in collections so i was unsure.

please write me back at dhardwick1228@hotmail.com

Sick of Debt said...

Here's the reponse I e-mailed Danielle:

I do remember you. Regarding the bill, if it was a medical bill, yes you could settle for a lower amount. From what it sounds like with a 30% interest rate, it is not. Here are some of your options:

- See if you can transfer that balance to something with a lower rate.
- Go to the military credit union (w/ hubby) to see about getting something with a lower rate. I have heard they have a lot of great programs for the military (they know you have a steady job, etc).
- Call them up and see about getting a lower rate. Explain that 30% is way too much and that you are looking to transfer it elsewhere.
- Extra income any way you can get it. My wife ended up working until the last month of her pregnancy because we were fighting to keep our heads above water.