Thursday, October 30, 2008

Roommate Given Notice

One of our roommates was given notice yesterday that she has until the end of November to pay $600 of her back-rent (2 months) or move out. On Nov. 1st she will be $900 behind in rent. She and my wife had a 2 hour discussion about it, mainly the roommate responding that she felt it was unreasonable, that she is trying everything she can do, and trying to get out of my wife that we want her to leave.

Here are my views on those 3 points:

Unreasonable/Reasonable: If we were like other landlords, we would have already petitioned the court for eviction and she would be moved out. Based upon my research, if you are 1 day late in Illinois, you can receive a 5 day notice. If you don't pay that, then the landlord can take you to court to evict you. If she did not pay her cell phone bill for 3 months, it probably would be turned off as well. We are being reasonable.

Trying Everything: I disagree with this one. She told my wife she thought she had to pay us at least $100 at a time, which in the 2 years she has lived at our house has never been a rule or followed. Trying everything includes giving $20 towards rent instead of ordering pizza.

"We want her to leave": This is a lie that she is trying to believe so that it's not her lack of payment as the reason we are having to do this, but that it's our fault. Being behind in rent is not our fault, it is caused through choices she had made. And from those choices, there are consequences. We would love to have her stay, but when the mortgage and utilities need to be paid every month, we need her to cover her portion.


Dedicated said...

I feel your frustration. Tenants for some strange reason feel that landlords/property owners are rich and can carry their shortfalls. It is a mis-conception that is hurting landlords everywhere.

Not to mention how stressful it is to 'evict' or even 'demand payment' from people. Everyone has a sob story. Having a heart is my biggest enemy.

I'm proud of you wife for taking care of this.

LAVA said...

I can understand your frustration with that even though I have not been a landlord myself.

I have had roommates who spent their money on getting their nails and hair done...and then did not have enough when the electric bill came...although THEY were the ones who ran the A/C on 60 during the summer anyway.

I did not get the beginning story of how your tenant got behind on the rent...but you are being reasonable because an apartment complex would have changed the locks on this person already and called the police.

Betsey C. said...

I don't blame you for putting this roommate on notice. It sounds like she might have been taking advantage of you, how annoying. I have a 2-flat in Chicago, and I have been very lucky with my tenants. I hope my luck continues -- and I hope your luck gets better!

Sick of Debt said...

Thank you for all of the encouragement. We'll be putting it into writing tonight and making it official tomorrow. (If we don't do it this way, in the state of Illinois legally we have not given her notice.)

She asked if there would be any leeway, we told her no, the $600 would be required.