Monday, January 12, 2009

Renter Updates

Well, K moved out on Friday and we have a new person moving in tomorrow. K also made several bad choices before he left, including:

1. Giving some of his valuables to one of the roommates instead of trying to sell them himself and pay us back, or giving them to us to sell for him to cover what he owes us.

2. Instead of having the title for his vehicle on his possession, it is in New York. He ended up giving his vehicle to a mechanic and said basically the guy can have the vehicle if it costs too much to repair.

3. Due to not taking care of things prior to the last day, he took a train to downtown Chicago in the afternoon and slept in the train station waiting for the morning train to Michigan.

We also had been "babying" our two roommates by having little tins for them to put their rent money in. One of them has an issue with anyone seeing them giving my wife the rent money (they don't even want me to see it), which is why we started the tin method. I have gotten sick of us "babying" them and expressed my frustration about this to my wife. I'm afraid I expressed my frustration too much to my wife, but we resolved it. I don't feel it is a very secure method with the chance of someone saying "Well, I put $100 in there yesterday, I don't know where it is now..."

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