Sunday, August 5, 2007

Nice Mystery Shopping Date

Last night the wife and I had a great "Mystery Shopping" date. The movie theater that we visited has improved it's service from last month, though there were still items of improvement. They paid for our tickets, our food, and $5 extra. We also went to the Texas Roadhouse and had $25 off our meal at the bar. For couples ever wanting to go to a busy place like that on a weekend, I'd really recommend just eating at the bar. We had no wait (vs. the 40 minute wait for a table), the service was quick (your server is always just a few feet away) and at least at the one we went to it's an open floor, so you got as much smoke as you would anywhere else in the restaurant.

In the end, our date was a net loss of $5, because we went a bit high on our food bill at the Texas Roadhouse. It was well worth it and we'll probably do another date like this in the future.

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Danielle said...

it must stink (literally) to have to be in a resturant were smoking is allowed! that is the nice thing about california, you dont come home smelling like you just smoked a whole pack of cigerettes...when you dont even smoke!