Monday, August 6, 2007

Revamping our August Budget & Shopping for Value

Tonight we'll be needing to revamp our August budget (or at least see where we stand). We went over a bit on our planned spending this weekend, but most of the items were coming from categories assigned to them (eg: House Maintenance, which I bought a ceiling light & fan for our dining room we were lighting with candles for the past 2 years). My next big house project is insulating our basement

I've also swung from buying the cheapest to buying quality items. I used to look for the cheapest item and go with that, but as those cheap items start rusting away or breaking at our house (we've had a couple of kitchen items go bad recently), I'm going away from that route. As an example, I spent $4 on one whisk that has a lifetime warranty by Oneida and can be washed in the dishwasher vs. spending $3 (again) for a set of 3 whisks that are hand wash only and rusted on us. I am also making sure items with warranties are on their own receipt, stapling the receipt to the paperwork that came with it, and filing it in a folder based upon where it's used (eg: Kitchen, Living Room, Outside, Bathroom, Whole-House Appliance). For larger items, I'm putting a label on them for when the warranty expires, so that when that time gets near, we can make sure it's working properly.

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