Thursday, December 25, 2008

My Best Christmas Present

My wife gave me this morning my best Christmas present ever. Underneath the wrapping paper was a pregnancy test with the date October 21st written on it, which was the day she got off of birth control (an IUD for those curious). She promptly took the test and found out we're pregnant with child #2!

We had been discussing for a while that we would be waiting until February of next year to start trying, but I've been itching to start early. She secretly had been wanting to also start early, so she went to the doctor on October 21st and had the IUD removed so that we could try again.

Our estimates for the due date is July 31st, a week before the period of the summer we call "Tomato Hell", which is when we start hauling in 20-30 lbs of tomatoes a day into the house for a few weeks. I'm hoping he or she comes early! If not, we'll be sure to be recruiting help.

What this means for our finances:

1. With my current employer, I am going to not push too hard at getting a huge raise in March at my yearly review. In order to continue on the HMO insurance plan we have, I am not going to consider the possibility of changing jobs.

2. Our savings is going to be even more important and am going to go for the lofty goal of $10K saved by the end of next year.

3. The pregnancy costs should be minimal with the HMO and already having pretty much everything we need from our first one.

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Betsey C. said...

Congratulations! I am happy to hear your good news. I have just gotten caught up reading your blog entries after my busy holidays, and I know that you will have a very joyous and prosperous New Year. Here's to 2009!