Monday, June 1, 2009

May Housing Drama

I am so glad the month of May is over with. We have had a lot of drama occur this past month and I am hoping we are over it:

- Beginning of the month some kids threw a large piece of marble through our bay window. The glass was supposed to be "unbreakable", so Home Depot Home Services is going to replace it for free. This is a feature I would recommend to anyone in a bad neighborhood with a large bay window. It has been on order for 3 weeks now, supposed to be installed this week we pray.

- We suspect the ex-roommate that caused problems in March has come back around and stolen a few things out of our house. The items include jewelry of my wife's, our video camera, and 1 of our laptops. These occurred at 2 separate times and the second time my wife was in the house upstairs and did not hear them come in or out. We now are locking the doors and windows like crazy and considering moving in 2010.

- We had a roommate move in and then inform us that her family did not want her moving to Joliet, so she had to move out. We gave her the money back so she could get a truck to move her stuff out. She left several items and we have not heard from her since Wednesday. I will be putting the items on the back porch tonight and taking out to the trash on Friday.

Financially, we'll survive through these problems.


Dedicated said...

I know this is a stupid question, but did you change the locks? (after the roommate incident)

This is definitely not a good situation, having someone break in while your wife is home alone. The damage could have been much worse then just stuff gone.

Sick of Debt said...

Yes, we changed the locks the day we found out that the vehicles were stolen by the roommate.

I praise God that only stuff was gone and that no one was harmed.