Wednesday, June 3, 2009

P2P Lending Status

I've been ignoring my P2P lending accounts at Prosper and Kiva this year and decided to finally look at them. Here is what I found:

Prosper: One of the reasons I have been ignoring Prosper is because they are in their "Quiet Period", which means basically no new loans. The other reason I had been ignoring them was because 1 of my 2 loans on there had defaulted and not paid. That loan has now been paying consistently since December and my other loan has been paying pretty much like clockwork (there was one failed payment, but resolved 2 weeks afterwards). Those 2 loans from almost 2 years ago have taught me lots. I am pulling my money out of Prosper until they get out of the "Quiet Period" and currently have $71.21 outstanding.

Kiva: I have 1 loan that is delinquent by a couple of weeks, but my other one is not. I decided to use the money I had sitting in Prosper & Kiva to purchase 3 more loans on Kiva, bringing my total amount invested to $100. I know that I don't make interest on these loans, but the benefit of knowing I am helping others with their dreams is worth it.

Next month I may look into lending on Lending Club...Maybe I should change the name of my blog to "Goodbye MY Debt!".

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