Sunday, October 14, 2007

$4 of 2.4 lbs Grapes & $12 of 30 lbs of Chicken


I went grocery shopping yesterday and normally my wife does it (some of our roommates were needing to go and I made it an official no-work-for-wife day). I got the items she had on the list and decided to go to the fruit market nearby to pick up some bananas and any other fruit that was on sale. I picked up the bananas and saw some grapes for $0.99/lb, which I thought I picked up, but I picked up the $1.69 grapes. Due to the roommates wanting to get out of there, I didn't look at the receipt, but I did think it was high, but I had picked up other stuff. Lesson learned: Check the receipt no matter what.


The other stuff was 10lbs of chicken at $0.39/lb. I went back today to make sure they didn't charge me wrong for the grapes, which they did not. I ended up picking up 20 more lbs of chicken for $8. I'm marinating now 3 lbs of it skinned, we skinned about 12 lbs of it and have 15 lbs with skin in the freezer wrapped in twos. The skin, some fat cut off, carrot, celery, salt and pepper are cooking up to make stock right now. One of the ways we are seeking to keep our food budget under $120/month for the two of us.

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