Monday, October 29, 2007

Our Wedding Present: Marriage License & Court Costs

A couple that moved in a month ago has been engaged for a while, he's making minimum wage and she is due with their first child in a couple of weeks. I got out of my comfort zone and asked him what was the hold-up on getting married and he said it was the money issue (eg: he's driving on no insurance right now). My wife and I talked it over and decided to give them the funds to take care of it. For the county we live in, it's only $33 total, but that's $33 they don't have right now.

They took it very well and it's just a matter of two days off for them to get the paperwork and go to the courthouse to get married. Hopefully it will be soon, I'd hate for their little boy to come into the world with unwed parents.


Moneymonk said...

Good or may I say the best present!

It costs us about $50 to get married, no regrets. We are finacially comfortable now.

Dedicated said...

Fabulous! That will mean so much to all of them! Good for you!

the Prince of Thrift said...

sounds like a great gift.

Chitown said...

You have such a big heart!