Monday, October 1, 2007

Full House of Renters

Last night made it official that we are back to a full house of 4 renters. The last ones moved in last night, we did a budget with them for the month ahead (to make sure they can afford the room) as well as discussed alternative methods of payment until they get payments from old employers outstanding and start their new job later this week. I wrote up this morning a detailed list of activities and explained that we just need a full day's worth of work on the list to take care of a week of rent. They felt that was a fair trade. I figure my "real hourly wage" (after work expenses) is around $12/hr and the guy of the couple doing 8-10 hours of work is cheaper than me taking a day off of work to do the activities around the house.

One of the roommates that was considering to move to a cheaper place with co-workers told us he checked out the place, it's a bit farther of a commute for him, uncertain if he is going to live there, will let us know later in the week. I'm holding the discount card until we get more time to talk, he came back home when we were talking to the new couple.

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Chitown said...

I hope the other renter decides to stay.