Sunday, April 6, 2008

Garden Update

I've been a bit reluctant to post about my garden, since things have been going VERY slow with it (my sprouts have seemed to stop growing). Here's the updates:

Planted Recently: 2 types of cucumber seeds last weekend indoors.

Failures: My sprouts seem to have decided to stop growing. The only item I can think is that the bay window I have them on is not warm enough, while having them above the vents and in the laundry room was. We have been now putting a small amount of fertilizer on them. The parsley did not sprout (learned I had to put boiling water on them to crack the seeds, will do so when I plant outside). I also attempted pansies, but they failed big time (had little sprouts and then they wilted). My peas were a bit old, so I only had 8 out of 130 sprout. I also tried cumin, but did not sprout at all (from my kitchen).

Successes: Last year I had a hard time with cilantro, until I read you need to crush the seeds in order to make them grow. Did that this year and they have grown great. My oregano that I started around Christmas time is a huge bush about a foot tall and a foot wide. The only problem with that success is that it thinks it's fall/winter, so it keeps flowering.

Outside: We planted tulips last fall and they are starting to come up. It was a pleasant surprise when my indoor stuff is just standing still.

This weekend: We are still working on the tree situation, I had them leave the brush in order to save money on them chipping it as well as to have wood chips for our garden. My father is over for the weekend and we're about done with that. Afterwards, we will be tilling the ground so that I can start planting some stuff outside (additional peas that I bought this year, spinach, some tomato plants, lettuce, carrots, onions, strawberries, asparagus). My wife has been picking up the trash and moving rocks out of last year's garden bed.

Bought: I'm still in crazy buying mode, bought strawberry plants, asparagus, cucumber, and peas. The only items left to really buy this year is tomato support which I plan to do at the end of the month.

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Dan said...

The wilting is called damping off, it is a type of fungus that attracts seedling as well as cuttings. Your best bet is to purchase No Damp from a garden center or box store. You just mix it in with your water as the label says and water with it when the seeds are planted and again once the seeds have sprouted. It can also correct the wilting if it is applied before it has killed the seedling.

I have also had difficulty starting some plants from seed so I just purchase the problem plants from the garden center. That way it solves the headache and it's still a lot more affordable then purchasing produce from the grocery store.

If you have any questions you can contact me at I don't know everything but I can offer help to the best of my knowledge.