Wednesday, April 30, 2008

Update: Details on Our Debts

About 6 months ago, I posted details on our debts. I figure it's about time to see which ones are still remaining and which ones are taken care of since then (or about to be).


$308 - Dish Network
$368 - Chiropractor bill
$400 - Foot Dr bill
$401 - Ambulance
$435 - Pacemaker checkups
$517 - Hospital Emergency Visit
$685 - Hospital Emergency Visit
$2187 - My Stupid Mistake
$804 - Bank Fees for closed account
$3629 - Menards (started settlement, will be done by 7/3/08)

Taken Care Of:

$1591 - Cingular canceled account balance
$5333 - Discover
$5774 - Home Depot
$6919 - Capital One (in 3 weeks will be taken care of)

As you can see, I haven't been doing the Dave Ramsey method of tackling debts. I did that initially (hence nothing smaller than $300), but these bigger ones have been more of an annoyance (and higher potential for going to court). If I keep working on Saturdays, we'll see everyone above done by the middle of July, a month and 1/2 sooner than I had originally wanted.


Dan said...

wow American really needs a publicly funded health care system!

Seems like you have made some really good progress. Just think once everything is paid in full you can start building wealth.

Dedicated said...

This means after Capital One your debts are under 10k ($9734) - that is awesome. Especially when you see your income for the month is $8764.

After May is done even without the weekend job & IRS - you still have $4434.

And after Capital hits the road, expenses go down to $3564.

Now is the time to fly with debt repayment. You could be free in 10-12 months.

Good for you!