Wednesday, April 2, 2008

Surprized Bank Teller & Local Crown Seminar

This past Saturday when I stopped at the bank to make a deposit and withdraw some cash, the teller looked at the check I was depositing several times. It was a $750 check from some programming work I had done. I had held onto it for a few weeks since I had not had a chance to stop at the bank.

She commented about the check being a month old based on the date on the check, a little surprised. I responded back that I hadn't needed the money and I had stopped living paycheck to paycheck. That response surprised her even more and the tone in her voice was a little wishful to be in that place. She ended up mustering a "Well, that's a good thing."

It's still a little weird not being in that situation of living paycheck to paycheck. On April 12th I'll be helping fellow members of my church (Harvest Bible Chapel of New Lenox) through a 1 day seminar with Crown Financial Ministries to learn about God's way of handling money. If you know anyone in the southern suburbs of Chicago that would benefit from it, I am willing to pay for 3 people to go ($20/person includes lunch).

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Dedicated said...

At first I am reading and thinking bad thoughts about the teller. I thought she was going to suggest some wrong doing, just because you deposit a month later.

I'm glad I was wrong.

I wish my schedule wasn't loaded - I would come to financial class. I hope there are some folks that take you up on this - it's a great offer.

Maybe your tenants???