Sunday, September 30, 2007

October Budget & September Net Worth

Without much ado, here's our budget this month:

$500 Tithe
$2008 Chase Debt
$1150 Mortgage
$240 Car Gas
$30 House Phone & Internet
$6 Electricity (State forced them to give everyone a credit this month for overcharging)
$45 Water & Trash
$77 House Gas (Called, renegotiated our monthly set rate from $145 since we now have a credit with them of $425, enough for most of the winter).
$120 Groceries (Yes, for 2 people.)
$158 Cell Phone
$95 Life Insurance
$30 Mrs. Fun Money
$30 Mr. Fun Money
$30 Dining Out
$30 Toiletries
$100 Mrs' Chiropractic Treatment
$150 House Repair (More insulation, dehumidifier for the basement)
$400 Emergency Fund Rebuilding

Some of our income numbers are a bit up in the air this month regarding 2 of our renters (and my on-call job has been quiet for over a week now). The slack will be in the last two items. I am also generating a spreadsheet for the rest of this year and next that will show us exactly how we're going to get rid of the CC & medical debts by the end of next year. Once I get some more feedback from my wife on certain items, I'll post it all for you to see.

Our "net worth" has had another plateau month in September. It wouldn't have been so flat if we had been tracking the student loan debt monthly and how much interest is on it. All the more reason to motivate us to get the CC & medical debts taken care of by the end of next year so we can then beat up the student loans.

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Dedicated said...

Hey, I didn't get an electric credit - I got to look into this.