Thursday, January 3, 2008

$450 Car Repair

My little hatchback has a bad transmission line, leaking fluid. We took it into the shop and the bill for the leak with parts and labor is $300. While they were under there, 2 more items needed to be done, so that will be $150 as well. We spent about $450 for the car at the beginning of May. Here's to hoping the vehicle will last us another 8 months.

This will blow our budget by $50 so far for repairs, which will come out of our debt snowball amount. We really need to get my wife's car looked at as well. If they do a good job with mine, we'll see about taking hers in as well and slow down on the debt a little bit.

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Jim ~ said...

Talk about a rough start to the New Year and vehicles have problems. The weather in Illinois and the Midwest for that matter has been brutal lately. Older cars with high miles have a harder time working well in the winter season. At least you'll be able to fix the problems with your car.

That situation with your dad and brother you need to let them work it out. Staying focused and moving forward is the best thing you can do for your family right now. Since you allowed the van to sit in your driveway, it becomes your problem now. Hope it all works out.