Saturday, January 12, 2008

Working my way out of this mess

Well, my wife is now out of town for two weeks visiting her parents, leaving me at home with the roommates. The programming job I have a fair amount of work left for them (15-20 hours), paying me $20/hour. I'm meeting with them today to go over what I've done for them so far, put the new version on and review the work they want done to make sure I implement it right.

I'm also taking up a few extra hours at my day job laying ethernet cables at our new office. I figure it will be a learning experience with a crimper and bring in a few extra dollars.

This will help with us needing to take my wife's car into the shop as well. Mine came back after $500 (had another minor annoyance of a rusted exhaust pipe sealed for $50 more). Hers was starting to have a new problem, I suspect one of the belts may be wearing down since we were smelling rubber. We'll have that and the hub assembly replaced.

Working towards a goal of $3100 by 2/20 to settle with Home Depot...Currently at $500 with the majority of the rest of the months income going towards it.

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