Friday, January 18, 2008

Another Card Settlement - Home Depot

Things have been busy for me working a lot between my 3 jobs and taking care of house-related items while my wife has been out of town. Our last scheduled monthly payment for our Home Depot debt was coming up soon, so I called them up and negotiated a settlement stretched over 3 months (yeah, I know it's best to do it in 1 lump sum, but I've been dragging them as long as I can to get the lump sum together).


We had 35% taken off the existing balance with payments of $1180/month for 3 months starting next month. We will have the money for the entire payoff by the end of next month, but with the games they've been playing, I'm wanting to hold onto the cash a bit longer. It will also give us ammo in case any of the other 2 CC try to bring us to court.

Our largest one, Capital One, I'll be sending them a letter this weekend with a $100 payment to keep them satisfied for the month and do that every month until April/May when we can settle with them all at once. The past year we've been doing that and it has been working well. Our smallest one, Menards, I won't be waking up until the Capital One is out of our lives.

I can taste freedom just around the corner. It's a great feeling to have $600 around the house and not having to rush it to a bank to cover a check just written or a bill needing to be paid.

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