Thursday, January 31, 2008

February Budget & January Net Worth +$2,996

January Net Worth:

We had another great month on the net-worth side. We negotiated a reduction on one of our credit cards, started paying on my wife's student loans and cash kept rolling in this month. Our other assets went down due to using part of the natural gas deposit as well as them sending us some of it back since we had such a large deposit. The one item this past month that busted our budget was a car repair that went $100 over what we budgeted. Otherwise, our cash would have gone up more.

February Budget:

February is looking like will be our best month on the cash coming in side. Here's the low-down:


Mystery Shopping: $25
Rent: $1300
Day Job: $2916
Computer Repair Job: $100
Programming Job: $1600


$200 Student Loans
$200 Car Gas
$30 Mrs. Fun Money
$30 Mr. Fun Money
$30 Dining Out
$190 Groceries & Toiletries
$10 Babysitting
$300 Mrs. Car Repair
$77 Natural Gas
$48 Cell Phone
$1130 Mortgage
$65 Water
$100 Capital One
$1180 Home Depot
$95 Life Insurance
$105 ComEd
$2821 Savings for settlement

Some changes have happened from last month. We brought down the car gas since I'm not driving for the computer repair job this coming month. Our dining out is back to the normal $30. Groceries & toiletries is now 1 line item. Water has gone up, I suspect due to humidifiers running full blast 24/7. Electric went up as well due to roommates running space heater 24/7. We're rounding the mortgage up a few bucks as well.

The Home Depot amount is $1180 a month for 3 months. We could have done it as one lump sum of $1180 x 3, but I figured I'd stretch it out and tackle other creditors at the same time.

The savings for settlement is for us to take care of our Capital One bill hopefully in March. They are tossing around $5K as a settlement amount, I'm going to see if I can get them a bit lower in March. We'll have around $4600 in the bank by the end of February.

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