Friday, February 29, 2008

March Budget & February Net Worth +$2,465

February's net worth was lower than I anticipated. The item that reduced it was I worked less for a client than anticipated. In the coming months though it will grow even better with the new job I start on Monday.

March Budget:

I'm not going to list income here, because a problem we've got is that it is pretty unknown what it's going to be. we've got the last check with vacation time coming from my current job, we've got my next check from my new employer but don't know when that's coming, we've got 2 roommates moving out next month (we've got one possible replacement coming tonight to check out the place). All of those variables make the income situation uncertain. I know enough will come in the month to cover the expenses with enough time for them to cover it, so I'm not concerned.


Mrs. Student Loans 200
Car Gas 200
Mrs. Fun Money 100
Mr. Fun Money 100
Toiletries & Groceries 190
Natural Gas 77
Tree Removal 1300
Cell Phone 55
Mortgage 1130
Car Insurance 200
Water 60
Home Depot 1180
Capital One 100
Mr. Student Loans 110
Electric 150
Life Ins 95

The tree removal is new this month, we have 3 trees in our back yard that are a danger to our house and our neighbor's house. With spring coming, I'm wanting to do some more planting out back, but the trees need to go in order for us to do that.

Our fun money has been bumped up to $100/person, due to me spending more for garden-related items and my wife is wanting to purchase tickets for her parents to come visit at Mother's Day. We are very close to the prize of getting rid of this credit card debt and it's been hard on $30/month for entertainment. We did get rid of the dining out, which is now included in our fun money.

Our car insurance comes due this month, so it is included as well. It was $200 before, I suspect it will be either that much or lower. That is for 2 cars for 6 months, the best I have been able to find.

My student loans are going into repayment now, so they are included as well. I'm planning in July to lock their rate to a lower rate, saving us some on the interest.


Dan said...

Hi, I found your blog through another blog that you commented on, I believe it was Save Leighann. I have found it interesting to check in and it is nice to see a debt blog that is not just a bunch of complaining or blaming there partner. I was wondering what varieties of tomato's you grow in your garden? I have been having great success with heirloom tomato's and I could even send you some seed if you would like.

Sick of Debt said...

Thanks for the visit, complaining about one's partner does not resolve items. Communication and hard work are the key to get out of debt. The only complaining I have is with folks saying they can't do something.

Regarding my tomatoes, I've got 5 different varieties I'm trying this year. I'm doing Roma, Red Cherry, Early Girl, Rutgers, Super Beefsteak. Thanks for the offer, I've got enough seeds right now to fill several yards worth of tomato plants. This is only my second year with my own garden, so I'm doing a lot of experimenting.

Dan said...

Well good luck with your financial and horticultural plans. The tomato's I have had the best luck with are Cherokee Purple and Hillbilly Potato Leaf. They are both a meaty tomato with not a lot of seeds and very sweet. I purchase seed from the Seed Savers Exchange in Decorah, IA which is a great source for heirloom seed, great quality and almost everything is $2.75 for 50 seeds. I can hardly wait to eat some, I am located in Ontario, Canada so I can not plant out till May 24th.