Thursday, February 7, 2008

Raised 1 Roommate's Rent

We made a hard decision last night, but it is complete now. We have 1 couple living with us that we were giving a discounted rent due to us believing it was going to be a short-term situation until the husband joined the Navy and would be making more. That was supposed to happen by December, but December has come and gone. Our electricity expenses have also gone up considerably since they have been at the house (almost doubled) when we have 5 other adults at the house. Winter it normally goes up a bit (since we're using lights more), but this is much more than normal. They also have the largest bedroom in the house, yet were paying less than the person with the smallest room.

Our current renting situation is 3 rooms are rented at $350/month and 1 room is rented at $300/month. The lower one my wife will be meeting with to discuss her finances with and make the decision whether to raise it to the $350/month of the others or not.

This will help us reach the goal of getting the CC & misc debt taken care of by 9/1/08. So far it seems like we're right on track. It will also help us cover the growing expenses of the house.

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Chitown said...

Sounds very fair to me. Keep up the good work. =)