Sunday, February 10, 2008

Taxes and Trees

We finished up our taxes over here last night and our IRS tax bill was $30. We will be getting back $571 from the federal. With our home being our business (4 roommates) and it netting us negative income, it adjusted our gross income. We also have 1 child, standard deductions and EIC.

On the other hand, we'll be paying $98 to the state. My wife and I worked a few jobs that did not pay much hourly last year, so they made the assumption that was how much we'd make for the year and we did not pay enough state taxes through the year.

We were planning this summer to have some trees removed, but I'm going to call around and see if we can get it done this month. One place in the phone book advertises that they discount during the winter (probably b/c it's a slow time for them). If we can get them to do it for under $700 for 3 trees (that I've cut a fair amount off already), that will be great. I'll be starting to make those calls over the next couple of days and see about getting estimates by this weekend so we can decide then who (and have the funds).

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