Thursday, February 22, 2007

$10 haircut for free!

My wife this morning cut my hair, another $10 saved. Canceled horrible Traveler's Advantage program today (signed up when I rented with Super 8 for a job late last year thinking I was going to use it more), they are going to refund me back the $11.99 they charged me last month. Cha-ching!

I cracked my wife up as well when she dropped a quarter on our laminate flooring in the next room by screaming "MONEY!!!". She dropped it a second time to see if I would do it again, which I of course did!

I filled out the yucky student loan deferment form for my student loans (easier than I thought). Last night before I went to sleep I was beating myself up for not getting it done sooner, reminding myself if I can't get things done for my personal finances in a timely fashion, how will I ever do a good job for my future employer?

Called my better-paying on-call job to see if they had anything for me, they are supposed to call me today to see if they have anything for me.

My wife went out today to do some purse display fixing at a department store nearby, where the vendor pays her $8/hr for 2 hrs of work every 2 weeks. She found this job through one of those "secret shopper" sites. She's less nervous than the first time she went, but still nervous. She's not used to working on your own with no boss hanging over your shoulder.

We looked over our budget yesterday for this month and everything is looking on target. WE EVEN PAID OUR SMALLEST DEBT OFF!!!! Now it was only $11.52, but I wrote on it PAID and posted it in our bedroom so we can have encouragement. Just by doing that, it got my wife talking about the next smallest one ($12.15) and asking what needed to be done to pay it off. Once the mortgage is paid for this month and our cash flow over the weekend wraps up, we'll probably take care of that small one too (tolls, need to drop off the transponder for I-Pass as well when we pay it in person). Also paid $10 to 2 separate medical bills to prevent them from going into collections, as well as $50 in charge-backs of commissions my wife received from her life insurance sales (about $80 more to go on that one).

Web site I visited today: Prosper which I think is a very cool idea. In a few months once I have built up an emergency fund and have been consistent on paying off debts, I am really thinking about starting off with a small loan to settle some of my credit card debt, pay it back quickly, and keep doing that to get the creditors off my back.

Things for tomorrow:
  1. Go to court first thing in the morning, prevent a $1K fine for driving an unregistered vehicle.
  2. Wife's monthly ob-gyn pregnancy appointment is tomorrow afternoon.
  3. Work 2 hours at Huntington Learning Center (I LOVE IT!).
  4. Hopefully get a paycheck tomorrow from Huntington.
  5. Do some studying on material for my new job starting on Monday.

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