Tuesday, February 20, 2007

Plan for 2-21-07

I'm off to work at one of my 4 jobs in a little bit, but here's the game plan of things needed to be done tomorrow to help us get out of debt:
  1. Finish deferment paperwork of our student loans.
  2. Look at this month's budget and see what items are left to be paid. Pay the ones that we can.
  3. Contact my father regarding $600 he is going to pay us back from his tax return (long story, we made a bad choice and he rented our condo for a few months and never paid us).
  4. See about 1 more W-2 that I never received from last year so I can start our taxes to see if we get any money back this year.
  5. Contact the manager of one small job that I had worked last month on and have not been paid on yet to see about the next step.
  6. If possible, work one of my 2 on-call jobs tomorrow to bring in additional income. One pays $40/hr, one pays $20/hr.
  7. Collect rent from one of our 3 roommates as well as a gift of $230 she was going to give us so that I could buy a laptop for work.

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