Wednesday, February 21, 2007

$3 saved is $3 earned (and more...)

My wife had an ultrasound today and we drove to the hospital. We first pulled up to the first parking garage and it cost $3 for the first 4 hours. We had the money on hand, but I'm trying to save money, so I said "Let's look for something free instead." I dropped my wife off at the entrance and found a free parking space about a block away. I was thinking the whole way "Saving $3 AND getting exercise in 45 degree weather, can't beat that!"

Regarding the tasks to do today, I called my father and left a message. I also called to get my replacement W-2. One of my small-time jobs from December transferred $210 into my bank account ($105 short, sent them an e-mail stating the problem). My wife is working on the money from our roommate, she's having car troubles so it might be a few days until we see the money. My two on-call jobs brought no work today, I am so glad that I chose to take a full-time job that starts on Monday ($36K/yr, Systems Administrator). We're watching an episode of Heroes right now, but after it's done we're going to look at our budget.

Things for tomorrow:
  1. Finish deferment paperwork of our student loans. STILL TO DO
  2. Keep trying to work one of my 2 on-call jobs.
  3. Confirm the status of the replacement W-2.
  4. Receive a receipt for my old Saturn junked tomorrow to prevent myself from having legal troubles on Friday at court. The car failed it's emissions test and I drove it (out of the need to get to work) and got a ticket.

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