Friday, February 23, 2007

$65/hr by cutting costs

My wife came home yesterday and said "I just got paid $65/hr!". I asked her how, she explained that she spent an hour going to the Verizon store and made changes to our phone bill that will cut off $65/month. Our cell phone situation has been a delicate one, we co-signed (and have learned our lesson) on some phones and the other parties have unreliable on paying. Our contract is half up, we're working on ways to cut and change the plan so that we are not responsible for their 950 text messages in a month (which cost a total of $45 extra that we're paying half of).

I went to court this morning, got myself out of a $1K fine, but still had to pay $120 for driving an unregistered vehicle. That fiasco is now far behind us. I was tempted to go with the easy ATM they had in the lobby of the courthouse to pay for my ticket, but I drove down the street to an ATM with my bank (and no fees).

Other financial activities going on, I cashed out a $50 treasury bond I had bought 2 years ago as the start of a saving plan. Looking back at it, 2% interest is falling behind inflation, not a good idea. Good thing I did cash it, because the $120 fine was unexpected in our budget.

TripRewards - I had some points sitting in my account, got another e-mail reminder about it, so I went on there to get a gift certificate. VERY TEMPTING to get an gift card, but I went with the $25 Shell gas card instead. Figure I'm trying to get myself OUT of debt, not perpetuate the debt I am carrying on my back.

Got ahold of my father, he's going to be paying us $600, working on getting a truck to move his TV from my house to his apartment. On-call jobs haven't had much work, I'm thanking God every day that I took the full-time job. Found out also I get paid at Huntington today, very happy.

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