Sunday, February 25, 2007

$650 check from dad, $210 from Huntington

Yesterday was a busy day for me, ended up not being in front of my computer. My wonderful wife helped with making a deposit from Huntington and getting $50 cash to pay the guy with a truck that helped us move the big-screen TV that I was holding until my dad would pay us back some for money he owed us. I'm glad we got cash out, because my dad ended up writing me a check for the money he owed us.

I worked 6 hours tutoring high school students on the ACT, 2 of them wanted to succeed, 1 of them was there because their parents want them there.

Once I moved the TV to my dad's place, he went to get his cable universal remote but did not know where the directions were, so he went out in the snow and bought a $9 universal remote that was not the one he wanted. I see where I learned about my poor money skills.

Today is a full day of church, helping setup/tear-down for a special luncheon, having homework from small group, then heading off to small group. Tomorrow is the big day of full-time job!

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