Wednesday, February 28, 2007

Too many hours of work, not enough at home...

The past two days have been busy for me, worked my new 8 hr/day job during the day, then worked 3 hours trying to fix someone's RAID setup when their motherboard is bad.

Today was 8 hr/day work and 2 hrs of tutoring. I'm not used to working like "normal" people...

The house is a mess, dishes are piling up, but more money will be direct deposited into my bank account....

To work or not to work (or more appropriately to work outside the home or inside the home). My wife has been struggling with that decision ever since we got married and she has decided that she will be a mother and housewife instead of working outside the home.


karen said...

Hey there! Found your blog through NetWorthIQ. I'm going to subscribe b/c we're very similar. I'm a SAHM (I wouldn't trade it for the world) and dh works. We are digging our way out of 15 years of stupid money choices.
You'll probably be sick of me b/c I've been doing this for 6 months now and I am ON FIRE! I am passionate about this process and I want to tell EVERYONE they CAN do it!
Quickly....a couple of things I noted on your budget. Is your cell phone REALLY $160? Do you need that much cell phone coverage?
Also, $10 isn't going to get your wife very far in her hobby. One pattern and it's gone. Dh and I each get $50 a month. That way we don't feel deprived. I'd see if there is anyway you can eek out a little more for your "personal funds." Last month I used the $40 that was left in mine to help pay for a Sonicare toothbrush for my daughter. It was mine to use ANY way I wanted, and that's how I wanted to use it! :) No questions asked. Remember, your wife is very hormonal right now and this is a big change. :)
You can find me at (although my blog is not exclusive to finances)
You also may be interested in my dh's podcast, especially once 5/21 rolls around. You can find him at :)
Hope I'm not too annoying for you. I'm cheering you on!!!

Sick of Debt said...

Here's the reason for our phone situation, check out my latest post -

I know the $10/month isn't going to get her very far. She's recently been getting supplies from the kindness of strangers. If we can get the cell phone mess cleaned up, maybe we can expand that. This weekend I'm going to be posting probably quite a bit, the trip fund will probably be brought down a bit due to changes in our lives and I'm thinking we'll pump that into those "personal funds".

karen said...

Another suggestion for you that came to me this morning (I live in Central Ohio, and have fought the bloody nose thing this winter). What I do is just swipe some Neosporin (or rather CVS brand) up both nostrils to keep it moist. Works because then it can go anywhere with me, not just one room like a humidifier. Plus I HATE cleaning out humidifiers, so that's motivation for me.
Just a hint. :)
p.s. read the cell phone thing. Yeah, now I understand!