Wednesday, May 16, 2007

2 Roommates Currently, Looking for 2 More

Well, we have one roommate moving out next week, which will leave us with just 2 roommates. We posted last week on Craigslist for 2 more roommates, reposted today as well. We've had a bunch of people interested, but none to come and see the place. My hope is that we fluctuate between 3 and 4 roommates for the next 6 months until our daughter is too big to be in our bedroom. For those that don't know, we rent out bedrooms for $400/month everything included for them. Our total housing expenses including utilities is right at $1300, so having 3 roommates takes care of $1200, 4 roommates at $1600. We have a total of 5 bedrooms, with us using one of them right now. If you know anyone in the southwestern suburbs of Chicago looking for a cheap place to live, send them my way.

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