Tuesday, May 29, 2007

Shopping For a Videocamera

Well, my in-laws bought us a videocamera for our first daughter and I contemplated us returning it and using the money for other things (like her education IRA), but out of seeking peace with the family, we decided to keep the videocamera. After we decided to keep a videocamera, I looked at the model they had picked and it didn't meet our wants for it to easily transfer to the computer (so the grandparents can see their granddaughter 5 states away), so I did some shopping...
  1. Waited until Memorial Day weekend, when everyone was running a sale.
  2. They had bought from Best Buy. I went to Best Buy's web site and checked out the models available that took DVD's. I got the model #'s for their lowest price DVD videocameras (only wanted ability to transfer to computer at a cheap price).
  3. Checked out Circuit City's web site for matching models, printed out the price information from the site (which was lower). The plan was if I found one of the models from Circuit City at Best Buy, was going to use it to negotiate a lower price.
  4. Visited local Best Buy with the return, only able to refund in-law's CC due to it being an online purchase.
  5. Checked out models that store had, they had one model we were OK with, but they had none in stock. The rest of their models were way beyond the price range we were looking for. It also was $20 more expensive than the lowest-price Circuit City model.
  6. Drove down the block to Circuit City and found one of the models I had printed out available. My wife also noticed that one of the "beyond the price range" models we saw at Best Buy was actually over $100 cheaper at Circuit City. The model though I had printed out took the external memory cards we had at home and was $20 cheaper.
  7. Quickly bought and took home to videotape my daughter.
  8. Checked out Walmart's price for the camera locally, which was the same.
Items worth noting: We could have gotten a better price online by about $36 (not paying sales tax and lower price) but the trade-off would have been longer delay in receiving and we have been having issues with our postal service. In-laws covered entire price for camera, they're just happy we are recording for them. We could have also gone the route of used/refurbished but time to receive was important, as well as quality of the camera.

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