Saturday, May 19, 2007

Keep A Gift?

Well, we're trying to get out of debt over here and our daughter was born this week, so the gifts are starting to roll in. In addition, we're trying to limit the amount of stuff we have collecting at the house, so we're having to make some hard choices.
  • Diapers: We're going to be using cloth diapers for our daughter, someone from our church went out and bought us a boatload of diapers. We're going to be returning them and using them for sheets instead for our bed (1 set right now and my wife is dirtying them with breast milk leakage).
  • Videocamera: My in-laws have given a videocamera to each of their children as a gift for their first child. We received one in the mail this week from them. Some people think I'm nuts when I'm even considering returning it, but the issue is that we have had a digital camera for years and we've probably used it more for work than for pictures of us.
  • Clothes: Before our daughter was born, we received carloads worth of baby stuff from people trying to get rid of their stuff. We got so much that we took some of it to a baby resale shop, get $45 from it and used it to buy special material for the cloth diapers. The ones they didn't accept, we gave away via Freecycle to a lady starting a day-care in her home.
  • Food: We've gotten a few meals so far, though I know more will be coming next week. Right now we're graciously taking them and freezing about half of them to eat later. One person that brought us food is not the best of cook though (and knows it), so we're going to have to do some work on her pasta and meatballs to make it edible.

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