Friday, May 4, 2007

Murphy Biting Hard This Week

For us, "Murphy" is biting hard this week. Earlier this week my wife was trying to pay a speeding ticket that she got from thinking about our baby to come instead of driving. Well, life got in the way and we were trying to pay it before the court date, but they require payment 3 days before the court date. She went to court and the cost went from $95 to $200.

Yesterday I was driving home from work and was about 15 minutes away from home and the car starts billowing under the hood. We had heard something a couple days ago, but suspected the noise was from low amounts of oil, which disappeared when we added more oil. I was able to get home safely and my wife was able to fill up the radiator fluid back up (was leaking) and she took it to the shop this morning.

The problem is the water pump has gone and that would cost us $580 to have it replaced, plus another $270 of other parts (tubes, thermostat, etc) to get it back to "normal". The car has 195K miles on it and there is the chance we damaged the engine. We are looking at junking it probably but we're going to pray about it this weekend. Tomorrow I was hoping to work on the house, but we'll be needing to do car shopping instead.

The positives: One of my co-workers lives nearby me, so I was able to carpool with him today. We have a car to borrow tomorrow to do our shopping. We have about $800 in cash available to buy the car and more money coming in next week on Tuesday. My job for Sunday afternoon canceled so I don't need to find a ride for that. Our pastor gave my wife a ride back from the auto shop.

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