Sunday, May 6, 2007

Bought $400 Car

Yesterday we picked up a $400 car, a '93 Ford Escort hatchback. It runs, it had a little scrape-up and needs a tune-up and new brakes, but a few hundred dollars more and it should last us some time. We used Craigslist to find it, had one car I was hoping we would get (64K miles for $700), but the person had sold it before our 9 AM appt. Another one we checked out and it was a van missing most of it's seats.

This one will be probably my car and we're getting another one in a month that will be the family car. I was looking for a V4 like this in order to save on gas. Hopefully it will last a while.

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JW said...

The Ford Escort is a great car. My wife has been driving a 98' Escort for the last three years with very little problems.

Good Luck!