Tuesday, May 22, 2007

6 Months Advance Rental Income

Tomorrow night we are having a couple come over to the house to rent one of our rooms out and they want to pay 6 months in advance. That would be $2,400. My first thinking when someone wants to pay me large amounts of money, I think scam, but so far he's been pretty legit:
  1. Called us based upon our ad instead of e-mail.
  2. Phone # is within the US. He lives in San Francisco right now, moving to Illinois.
  3. Works for a well-known company and willing to have me call his HR department to verify employment.
  4. Willing to offer multiple forms of identification.
  5. Bringing payment with them instead of mailing fake checks.
My current plan is to put the money into a high-yield savings account with our emergency fund, withdrawing each month the $400 needed to cover bills. I'm tempted to use it in one lump sum to pay off debts, but I'm concerned in a month they may want to leave and then I've got to find a way to get them $2K immediately.

Last night and tonight we're getting things ready for them to move (vacuum the house, scrubbed the kitchen, dispose of junk around the house). I'm picking up a bed frame this evening for $10 so that we have a bed ready for them.

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