Saturday, April 28, 2007

3 Jobs Today, No Waiting

I had one hectic of a day with a variety of jobs:
  1. 9AM-12PM: Tutoring a student on Chemistry, I'm certain he'll pass the test with flying colors. $30
  2. 12-12:30 PM: Documented the stores at a strip mall nearby for an online company. $5
  3. 1:30-8:30 PM: Setup 2 servers at someone's home business, lots of little things to be done to get them ready. $152
Today's total income is looking at $187. Tomorrow isn't looking too bad, I have one that will pay me $47 to see which computer piece is bad with their home-built computer. Hopefully I can just be away from home for 2 hours on that one and rest the rest of the day.

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