Saturday, June 2, 2007

Adding Roommates

We have 1 new roommate moving in tomorrow, paying weekly and another one will be moving in on the 7th. That will bring us to full occupancy (4 of the 5 bedrooms at our home rented) with the following income:
  1. One @ $300/month, discounted due to being here the longest and low-paying job. Pays weekly throughout the month to pay the $300.
  2. One @ $400/month, pays on the first of the month like clockwork.
  3. One @ $100/week, moving in tomorrow. Will come out to average $425/month but will probably not be staying too long (construction worker, working on nearby project). They also have the largest bedroom.
  4. One @ $350/week, moving in on the 7th. They have the smallest bedroom, but plenty of sunlight.
That brings our income from our home to about $1475/month. That will cover the mortgage, utilities, and repairs on the house. I wish last year we had gotten us to full occupancy like this, but I'm happy we will be having it now. One way I pushed the renting of the rooms this time around was started at $400/month on Craigslist and didn't get much action on them, saw I was landing in the same price range as others so bumped it down by $50 to be $350/month for the smaller room and $350 for the first month of our largest room.

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