Thursday, November 8, 2007

Another Full House Month

We've been blessed this month again, we have a full house of renters still and it looks like it won't change next month either. What this means is we'll be going gangbusters against our debts. Here's what's currently planned:

$300 - Already paid yesterday to second highest CC to keep them at bay
$100 - To be paid to highest CC to keep them at bay mid-month
$554 - Old, old cell phone termination balance that was $1591, but they're willing to settle for less. Will take care of on the 16th.
$X - The rest piling up so that we can settle our smallest CC bill ($3600) for something like 70% on 12/3.

The insulation project is looking like it will take less than we budgeted, as well as the car repairs won't be that bad. We'll know by the end of next week what the $X amount will be and see if the 12/3 goal is realistic.


MyDebtBlog said...

I've been watching your blog for a few months now. Glad your house is back on track so that you'll have some extra money to pay your own stuff. How many accounts do you have that are not current? I guess I don't understand the settlement talk because I thought you were current on everything.

Have you guys budgeted Christmas this year or are you going to take it easy and focus on debt instead? It seems every year people forget about Christmas, and I'm the same, even though it always ends up in the exact same month every year.

Sick of Debt said...

We're not current on everything, the main problem is that we're so far behind on the credit cards each of them wants like $2K to just get current. They are all at collection agencies right now. I'll create a post on the details.

Regarding Christmas, we've already budgeted part this month and part next month. We've already done half our shopping already, it's now just a matter of being impatient to give them the gifts. I can't understand folks that do their Christmas shopping months in advance, I'm too tempted to give right away.

If you care to go for lunch/dinner sometime to talk PF stuff, just send me a line. We're right at the same spot job/income wise.