Thursday, November 29, 2007

Cheap Fun Last Night & Other Updates

My on-call job has been really slow this past month (I'm considering at the end of December if it continues to find something with more steady work, total pay is landing at $80 vs average $300). I was home, so we ended up watching a movie in the living room with two of our roommates and I made peanut butter cookies for everyone. One let us know we're stuck with him another month, which is fine by us.

We're also having another roommate joining us today, his name is Trent and he was born on 11/26/07. One of our roommates has been expecting a baby and it finally came! That brings the total people in the house up to 9 (7 adults, 2 infants). Some days it feels like we have that many around, other days it's like we're alone in this house.

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