Friday, November 23, 2007


Part of my fun money this month went to getting a new video card for our computer, which has caused me to re-evaluate the MMORPG question. There are many games out there that are online games that you play with others, but the vast majority of them charge you a monthly fee of around $15/month. My old-self would say that's not too much, but my new-self looks at that as 1/2 my fun money and $180/year. That's not including any other future upgrades to video cards to improve display. For that much money I could buy one of the following:
  • 15 video games for our GameCube at $12/each, or
  • A PlayStation 2 and several games for it.
  • 12 fruit trees at $15/each and have enough fruit to last us the whole year.
  • Countless other options!
The way I've decided to fulfill my MMORPG fix is to play Anarchy Online, it's a free one that I've played before because my old video card could just barely handle it. I can always do trials of the other ones if I'm wanting a little variety.

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MyDebtBlog said...

I'm an online gamer but don't have the patience for MMORPGs like World of Warcraft or Everquest. In college I had a roommate that played these games so much he wouldn't leave the room. One weekend he got himself into a 36 hour tournament and would hardly leave the room to even eat. I did have access to the router in the house those and at times I would 'block' the port he was connected through and watch him freak out. Hopefully you're not as obsessed with them as he was.

Lately a lot of games require a pretty decent computer to get them going. What kind of system are you working with by chance? I would avoid monthly service charges to play a game, unless you have an Xbox 360 because Xbox Live is worth the annual subscription since I can download game demos before wasting money on games as I have done in the past. One bad game purchase is equivalent to the price of the subscription, so it's almost like insurance. Gaming is a priority to me and something I enjoy so it would be difficult to deny myself the enjoyment.