Thursday, July 5, 2007

$60 Thrown Away

I've been trying to be good with our finances, and then I have slip-ups here and there and everywhere. This past Sunday my wife had a baby shower and I was hoping I could just sit there, relax, and let the ladies have their fun. They decided that a couple of the husbands were going to take me out instead. We couldn't decide, so we went to a computer store nearby.

On the way back, I and another guy were thirsty, so we stopped at Speedway and I used my gift card that I had $60 on to pay for both of our drinks. I was getting tired then and I was so certain I put the cards back into my wallet or at least my pocket. Tuesday rolls around and I'm looking to put some gas into my car and it's not in my wallet. Yesterday, I looked in all the clothes that are dirty, cleaned up the bedroom, checked the vehicle I was in from top to bottom, etc.

I'm classifying it into the "missing in action" category and I'm concerned I threw it away when I threw away the receipt for the drink. That's the only other explanation I have for it. The only positive thing out of the situation is that I talked to one of the guys and he is in need of someone to dig out his crawl space so that he can expand his basement, so I'll have a job to get the money back.

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Danielle said...

hhmmm...the Lord works in mysterious ways. he knew this guy needed someone to clean it out. now its not '$60 thrown away' its '$60 earned'.

at least you didnt lose a credit card and have someone steal it and start charging on it. but now adays you probly would have got the money back because of fraud protection.