Thursday, July 26, 2007

Mystery Shopping & Consulting Work

My wife and I must be darn good at mystery shopping or they must be getting desperate, because she received 2 calls yesterday with them begging for her to help them near our house and offering extra cash for it. If we didn't have our daughter, I would tell my wife to go for it if she wanted, but with our newborn baby, we have limited it down to the following types:
  1. Movies: We find a babysitter for the evening and make it a date.
  2. Dinner: Same thing as the movies
  3. Oil Changes: They are needed anyways, so why not get paid to do them?
  4. Things I can do on my way home from work: If it's not out of my way home, brings in more than $8/hr and doesn't take too long, why not? These have been very sparse, but they are an option.
This ends up freeing about $40-50/month out of our budget, which is pretty darn nice. That's like $500 more for Christmas! (or debt, which is where it's going these days)

For my consulting work, I have been a bit more lenient on the distance I am willing to work, just because in the past month it has been really slow. The one limit I do is that it cannot and will not interfere with my day job. They called me yesterday for the umpteenth time asking if I was free during the day to help someone near my house and I reminded them again my days are booked.

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