Friday, July 20, 2007

$700 Bank Error In Your Favor

I remember playing the game of Monopoly and loving that card that would give you extra money due to a bank error in your favor. I never thought about the poor cashier that made the mistake, the trouble they probably would get in for making such an error, and all the repercussions of that bank error. It's probably because it's just a game and no one is really hurt from that bank error. Maybe the card should have had everyone pay a higher interest due to the bank error.

Well, one of our roommates experienced a bank error this past week and it wasn't a small amount. She was cashing her check at a currency exchange and requested a money order for $700 at the same time. Well, the cashier was pregnant and had what we call at our house "baby brain" and gave our roommate the money order as well as the full amount of her check. Our roommate before meeting us would have kept the money and left, but the mix of seeing the girl pregnant probably reminded my roommate of my wife that recently had a baby and the troubles that girl would have because of the mistake. Maybe it was due to the positive morals we encourage in our home. I don't know the exact answer, but I do know that my roommate said to my wife that before moving in with us, she would have kept it.

I'm glad she didn't because I would suspect for such a large amount of money one of two things would have gone on. They would have either A. Fired the girl for stealing the money. or B. Put the $700 money order and check together (with our roommates name on it) and sought to locate our roommate, demanding the money back.

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