Friday, July 20, 2007

Rain Damage

This week we had a really strong rainstorm, which exposed some problems with our house. It first started in our sun room, where the ceiling started leaking. It was a good thing we were up late that night watching a movie and that it was hitting some hard plastic. It was sounding so loud when it was dripping that I had to investigate. The problem was that it was very windy and it must have lifted up some of our shingles, getting water under them. Tomorrow I'll be getting on the roof with some tar and sealing those babies up.

The other "fun" rain damage was in our basement. I replaced the water line in January (not fun) and the soil hasn't settled fully yet, so the rain soaked through the ground and went into the basement. Our house doesn't have the downspout extenders, which I'll be picking up as well to move the water away from the house. I also have some more topsoil to put down there to give it more absorption abilities. The large river of water didn't damage anything of importance (we store in the plastic bins anything important) and the basement is unfinished so it's not a problem.

This shouldn't put us too far back financially, but it's just another part of our adventurous life.

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