Monday, July 30, 2007

No Money Weekend

Well, without any planning, we had a no-money weekend this past weekend. On Friday, I had to work until 8PM, so I got home and we just read until we fell asleep. Saturday we took a long walk, I organized my CD collection (only took 4 years to get started), my wife baked an angel food cake, spoke to friends on the phone, played with our daughter and watched some movies we had again. Sunday we went to church, had afternoon tea at a friends house for a couple of hours, put together a small shelving unit our friends gave us while watching some more movies.

This coming weekend will be a no-net money weekend, but we're going to be spending some money in order to get money. One of our neighbors is going to be babysitting for us on Saturday night (and in exchange my wife is teaching her how to sew). We will be going to Texas Roadhouse and spend $25 and secretly review the bar service. After that, we go to a nearby movie theater and see if they got their act together from our last visit a month ago and get everything paid for. Beyond that, I'll probably just be working on the yard.

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