Thursday, July 26, 2007

July: Minor Net Worth Change +$123

This month we had a fairly small change in our net worth for several reasons:
  1. We had wiped out our emergency fund and part of this month's extra funds to take care of a Bank of America debt last month.
  2. We had a $500 car repair to take care of.
  3. My on-the-side job in the evenings only brought in around $100, the month prior it had brought in $700.
  4. I had a ticket to take care of for $260 (ouch!).
Good reasons it didn't go down further:
  1. Our entertainment this month was paid for in full. We went to the movies 3 times and are going to be paid in the coming month through Mystery Shopping.
  2. We held off doing insulation work until our emergency fund was built back up to $1K, which meant we had funds to take care of the car emergency.
  3. We received a bunch of gifts for the baby shower and some we used on ourselves, such as a wet-vac (needed for spills to come from our daughter), a car power adapter (allows me to listen to Dave Ramsey pretty easily off my laptop as I drive to work and back), and a board game that I've been wanting for a couple of years now that I enjoy a lot (Sequence).
  4. Had a garage sale that took care of the repairs we needed to do on the house (leaking roof).
We pretty much stayed right on budget,I'm just excited about next month where we'll be building that emergency fund back up (again) and can start building up my weapon of cash to battle the credit card underlords. Muhahaha!


Danielle said...

you must have had a lot of stuff to sell if you were able to take care of roof repairs.

Sick of Debt said...

It was a blessing that the repair was only $20 and a bit of my time (roofing cement). We tested it out with a hose and had another storm, no leak at all!